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Generations of hunters and target shooters have had great success with Gene Stoner's revolutionary AR-15 pattern rifles ever since the first civilian models were sold to the public in the early 1960's. German and European hunters and target shooters have, until fairly recently, had to largely rely on imported AR-15 guns from the US and Great Britain. Unfortunately, the supply of these guns often did not keep up with the demand and did not always meet the high expectations of German shooters with respect to build quality. Thus we decided to meet the demand for German-built AR-15s by building them ourselves to the very highest Teutonic quality standards, of which Hugo Schmeisser would have been proud of.

Gene Stoner's AR-15 was as revolutionary of a design as Hugo Schmeisser's work a generation earlier. However, the new Schmeisser AR-15s take the original Stoner design to a whole new quality level. Our civilian Schmeisser AR-15s are produced to the same exacting standards as our police and military versions, i.e. to the newest and most precise dimensions and closest tolerances, using cutting edge manufacturing techniques, machinery, materials and coatings to ensure the greatest possible accuracy, durability, reliability and beautiful finish.

After dealing wholesale in AR-15s throughout Europe for over 15 years, we knew the weak points of the AR-15s produced by other manufacturers. We designed our versions to eliminate these problems, through design modifications, upgraded materials and special coatings previously used only in the aerospace industry, virtually producing a completely new rifle from an old design. To achieve our goal of producing the best Mil-Spec AR-15 rifles available anywhere, we source all major components from suppliers in Germany. These German Mil-Spec certified suppliers produce components to our exacting specifications. For example, we use renowned Walther Lothar barrels and special Thyssen Krupp steel for the bolts. Our receivers are made out of Mil-Spec 7075 T6 aluminum and are drop-forged in our own specially made dies, rather than milled from billet stock. This more expensive manufacturing process ensures a much higher strength receiver by hardening the surface of the aluminum as well as improving the internal grain structure of the material. The surface grain structure is not disturbed by machining operations as it would be in milled billet aluminum receivers.Thus we are able to ensure a consistently high quality as well as short delivery times for our products. We constantly monitor the quality of our component suppliers and of our manufacturing processes to provide you with the very best product possible, so you can enjoy many years of trouble-free shooting with your Schmeisser AR-15. Try one of our weapons at a shooting range, you will immediately understand why we are so proud of our Made in Germany Schmeissers.

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All of our civilian AR-15 models are approved by the German Federal Police (BKA) for sporting use. Since many sporting users have specific requirements we will gladly build you a custom AR-15 that exactly matches your needs. Civilian Schmeisser AR-15s are available only through firearm retailers.

Looking into the future, we will be introducing new, innovative products on an on-going basis such as our new-for-2012 Solid Line of AR-15s.

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